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Disclaimer: The testimonials are of current and former clients/athletes and what results they personally achieved.  Each client/athlete has approved these testimonials for use in materials to speak to my service capabilities, but they are not intended to represent or guarantee current or future clients/athletes will achieve the same or similar results.  Rather, these client/athlete stories represent what is possible with my services.

"Paul is very knowledgeable, well prepared and easy to work with. A nice guy who knows his stuff."

Dean Slocum

"I am getting results!  Paul is supportive and makes me want to wake up at 5am and go work out."

Tina Peterman

"Paul is great.  I would definitely refer him."

Brad Irick

"After working with Paul for almost 6 years, we have complete confidence in Paul's expertise, competence, skillfulness, ingenuity and creativity as well as in his commitment to helping us reach our fitness goals.  He has an excellent knowledge base from academic training and continually seeks out additional information to stay at the forefront of the field.  In addition, he looks for specific information to help us deal with any physical problems that arise during the course of our training related to our physical limitations (e.g., arthritic joints).  In addition to his expertise and experience, his personable way of interacting adds to the positivity and flow of our sessions.  He challenges us to move forward but is also flexible and patient with limitations to present periodically.  He seems to work well with a wide age-range of clients.  We have and will continue without reservation to recommend Paul to anyone looking for a trainer."

Dana Davies

"Very knowledgeable trainer. Effective training."

Rebecca Upchurch

"In three months, Paul improved my strength and cardio so much that I thought it would have to take at least a year otherwise.  I have worked out several years and had trainers before, but Paul still taught me so many things.  He was always able to spot my weaknesses and then change the program to help me overcome the weak parts.  He was also very good at making notes of progress and tweak the program accordingly to keep me improving with steady momentum.  And all those things he taught me immediately transformed into my fast strength and muscle gain.  Besides being highly skilled in training methods, Paul is also a fun guy to workout with.  He makes the workout fun to do and also satisfying in the end."

Yao You

"I have trained with many trainers, and none make me love the gym like Paul.  I looked forward to each session because of his ability to make the time fun and give me results.  With Paul I lost 30 pounds, and gained self respect, and a positive self image.  Paul changed my life, and help me attain a huge goal.  I believe in Paul, and his program."

Jennifer Jennings

"Although I only worked out with Paul for a little over a month during the 2008 baseball season, I was thoroughly impressed with his dedication to helping each player achieve his goals in the weight room.  He dealt with each player individually and constructed separate workout programs and conditioning routines based on individual needs.  Sometimes it is easy to have every player do the same workout and do those same workouts each and every week; Paul was continually changing the structure and body of the workouts in order to push us all season.  Paul even wrote an off-season program for me based upon some health issues I had at the time - I told him what I was limited to doing, and he came up with a tough and grueling 13 week program for me.  I completely trust Paul's knowledge and desire for training athletes and recommend him for anyone looking to get the most out of their  lifting and conditioning programs."

Brad Mills

"I had been training on my own and with other  trainers for years before working with Paul Yost.  Paul's program was perfectly matched to my needs and produced results I had been unable to achieve before.  I worked with Paul for two years and never sustained a training injury during that time - due, I'm sure, to Paul's close attention to form and to his expert ability to create an individualized program to challenge but not over train each client.
Paul devotes his entire attention to the client during training sessions and has an amazing ability to accurately assess a client's needs, abilities and progress.  His evidence-based practice is based on sound scientific principle.  Paul is a consummate professional- for me, he is the gold-standard for trainers."

Jan Malara

"Working out with Paul was definitely one of the best decisions I've made.  The care he takes to personalize each workout to your fitness goals is amazingly effective.  With Paul, I not only lost weight but found strengths I never knew I had.  He knows exactly how to motivate and will never have you feeling bad about yourself.  In addition, he's just a fun guy and will actually have you looking forward to each workout!"

Andrew Alford

"I've been in professional baseball for 3 years now and have had the opportunity to interact and train with many different trainers.  This past season I had the opportunity to work and train with Paul Yost and it was by far the best experience I have had with a trainer.  Paul is very dedicated to his work and truly enjoys helping players become the best athletes they can be.  This season Paul put together a great program for me and I got great results in muscle mass, strength and body composition.  One of the great things about Paul is that his knowledge of strength training allows him to build a workout for your specific needs and concerns.  I trusted Paul's program and if you are a person looking for positive results in every aspect of your body I would recommend you give Paul the opportunity to work with you.  You will not be disappointed in his program."

Conner Falkenbach

"I'm a guy that shows up to the ballpark pretty early on a consistent basis.  It didn't take long to notice that Paul Yost was there before me.  He was either working out to better himself or constructing workout programs for certain players.  Another thing I enjoyed was his willingness to stay after games and help players that didn't want to workout before the game.  Paul knows when to push you and when you might need a day to back off from our heavy workload.  I recommend Paul Yost to people who want to see better results with their bodies and overall well being."

Adam Calderone

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