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Frequently Asked QuestionsFor Houston Personal Trainers

What is your training philosophy?

My main focus is on performance enhancement.  Whether participating in competitive sport or not, I feel your body should work as good as it looks.  Even with only cosmetic goals, as many people have, your training will have a positive effect on your daily life.

I'm not an athlete.  is your training program right for me?

My programs help athletes, former athletes, and non-athletes reach their goal(s).  Just because your not currently a competitive athlete or ever were, doesn't mean you can't become more athletic in your daily life. 

I'm a beginner to fitness.  Don't I need to train on my own for a few months?

Absolutely not.  Many people have signed up with no prior training experience.  Experienced or not, your training program will be appropriate for your fitness level and progressed accordingly.  Training the right way from day 1 will speed up results and probably take you further than you thought possible.

How much do you charge?

Please view the Services page for current training membership rates. 

Where are you located?

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